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If you’re a local business owner or marketer, you’ve likely heard the term “local SEO” thrown around quite a bit. But what exactly is local SEO, and how can it help Adelaide small businesses grow? 

At its core, local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website and social media accounts to improve your visibility in local search results, namely on Google, but also on other platforms like Facebook, Apple Maps and Bing. 

One of the key components of local SEO is creating and maintaining your Google Business profile, which are these listings you may see on the right-hand side of your Google search when looking for businesses in your local area. Well-optimised business listings will include images, reviews, your company logo, and contact details. You can even go so far as to include information about your location amenities!

But, creating your business profile is only the first step to optimising your business for Google! Many other factors can also impact your chances of ranking highly in local searches, such as:

  • Competitor research;
  • Creating & maintaining your social media profiles;
  • Optimising your website for location based searches;
  • Keyword and target audience research;

With so many different factors playing a part in how well your website performs on search engines such as bing and google, it be overwhelming for small business owners and entrepreneurs to know where to start. That’s where a digital marketing agency or freelancer comes in!

Why is Local Search Engine Optimisation Important To Adelaide Businesses?

In today’s day and age, most of your clients and customers will learn of your business in one of two ways: word of mouth, or through an online channel like Facebook, Instagram or google! Businesses that sell goods, rather than services, often see fantastic returns from running social media ads and posting on Instagram, but service-based businesses often see most of their traffic come from search engines! 

What this means, especially for service-based businesses, is that the companies that appear on the first page of Google will receive FAR more leads than those appearing on page 2, 3 or 4! So ideally, you want your business to rank #1 for your niche on Google in Adelaide!

A business that ranks first on Google is 10x more likely to receive a click compared to a page in the #10 spot according to industry leader’s backlinko. So it really is incredibly important to make sure you’re putting the time and effort into optimising your website and business listings!

How A Digital Marketer Can Help Improve Your Search Ranking

Now that you have a better understanding of what local search engine optimisation entails, let’s explore how I can help improve your business’s ranking on google and other search engines. After all, don’t we all want to be ranking #1 when someone searches for your business type in Adelaide? 

My first priority is to set up, optimize, and maintain your Google Business Profile to ensure it outranks others in your area. But, I have plenty of other tactics to help increase the number of times your listing appears to potential customers. 

But don’t just take my word for it! I’ll also set up your Google Search Console and Analytics accounts, so you can monitor the results for yourself. Along with creating these accounts and reports, I’ll help you identify the keywords and terms you should be targeting to improve your ranking. 

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

The cost of local SEO varies depending on the level of effort and time you want to invest in it. For a basic Google profile setup, prices start as low as $154. This includes uploading and maintaining your business details, guiding you through the Google dashboard, and conducting keyword research.

However, if you’re serious about ranking high in Adelaide Google searches, I can offer additional services such as website optimization, content creation and social media optimisation. The cost for these services will depend on your specific needs and goals, but I’ll work with you to find a solution that fits within your budget. 

I also offer 1 on 1 coaching to small business owners looking to learn more about local SEO & how they can improve and build on their rankings in-house!


In conclusion, local SEO is a crucial component of any business’s online marketing strategy. By optimising your website and online presence for local Adelaide searches, you can increase your visibility and attract more customers in your area. 

From setting up and optimizing your Google My Business profile to conducting competitor research and creating content strategies, there are many tactics you can use to improve your local SEO. And with the right support and guidance, you can achieve the results you want while staying within your budget. So don’t hesitate to invest in local SEO and take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer!

If you’d like to learn more, please reach out using the form below or send me an email at: hello@madiewray.com.au. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Madie Wray is a freelance website designer and digital marketer based in Adelaide, South Australia.
She graduated with a diploma of Website Development in 2018 & has a special interest in building websites for local, small business owners.

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