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360me Nutrition are a group of Adelaide dietitians who specialise in a lower-carb dietary approach for the management of diabetes, PCOS, weight management, fatty liver and high triglycerides. They offer a range of different services ranging from personalised nutrition plans, to bariatric support and medicated weight loss programs, among other things.

Their website was launched nearly five years ago and no longer reflected their current branding or mission, so was well overdue for a refresh and relaunch. Additionally, they had recently migrated their site over to shopify, but were not fully aware of the platform’s digital marketing capabilities, and therefore were not making full use of them.

So, when 360me Nutrition approached me for a refresh/redesign, I was sure to pay special attention to the following:

  1. Updating the website’s fonts and colour scheme to reflect their new logo & branding.
  2. Modernising the website.
  3. Making technical SEO improvements.
  4. Designing blog & recipe templates that the client can use to post content to their site without assistance.

Below you can see a before/after image of their home page before the refresh, and after the refresh.

Website Redesign For Adelaide Dietitian

During the website redesign, we made a few (rather significant) changes to 360me’s website. These changes were broken down into smaller, more manageable parts so that certain pages could be pushed live as soon as possible.

Home Page Redesign

The first page to undergo a refresh was the home page. During this process we also made some changes to the fonts and colours being used throughout the site to better match 360me Nutrition’s new logo. The purples were deepened, and the light pink was transitioned to a more reddish hue.

In addition to changing the logo, fonts and colours, we also added a few “highlight” sections to the home page, where we were able to display more information about some of 360me Nutritions more popular services.


In addition to updating the home page and overall design of the site, we also made some changes to the website’s site map during this redesign. Namely, we added some pages that were previously missing! Some of these pages included:

  • Individual Dietitian Pages/Bio’s;
  • Individual location pages (that include opening hours, and link to the individual dietitian pages);
  • Team/About Us Page;
  • Resources Page (for client created blog and recipiue content).

The addition of these pages not only helps with search engine rankings, but also helps existing clients make bookings & understand which dietitians work out of each location. 

Search Engine Optimisation & Improvements

Where previously 360me Nutrition’s website served mostly as a resource for their existing patients, we wanted to try target a new audience with the redesign. This meant making some on-page and off-page adjustments to their site to help it rank higher in Google search.

Some of the changes we made included:

  • Conducting keyword research & competitor research;
  • Creating a google business profile;
  • Expanding on the services, “for doctors”, and resources pages.
  • Simplifying the main header menu to make content easier to find;
  • Adding keywords to H1, H2 and H3 headings
  • Adding dedicated location pages.

In addition to focusing on improving 360me Nutrition’s on page and off page SEO, we also spent some time talking about their content strategy and how they could better utalise shopify’s built in blogging capabilities.

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Shopify & Digital Marketing

Shopify was once an exclusively e-commerce focused cms, but has increasingly been making ground on platforms like WordPress and Squarespace in the blogging space. While their post editor is still somewhat lacking, they’ve expanded their SEO capabilities since the release of Shopify 2.0.

With this in mind, I designed two new blog templates for 360me Nutrition; one was a basic article template, while the other was a recipe template. This way, the clients were able to post a variety of different content to their website and use a range of posts as part of their social media strategy. After all, short content like recipes do much better on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, while longer-form articles are great for search engines and Facebook!


In conclusion, the redesign of 360me Nutrition’s website was a much-needed update that brought their website in line with their new branding and mission. The redesign included changes to the website’s fonts, colours, and layout, as well as the addition of new pages, blog templates, and recipe templates. The technical SEO improvements and content strategy enhancements made during the redesign will help the website rank higher in Google search results and attract new clients!

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